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10 Most Desirable Do it Yourself Outdoor Projects
The warmer weather has home owners looking to spruce up their home's outdoor spaces. So when it comes to do-it-yourself outdoor projects, which projects are most home owners tackling?
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Market Stabilizing for Long Term, Brokerage Giant CEO Says
Interest rates are rising and home prices are seeing double-digit increases on a national basis, making it clear that real estate is entering a different phase from what we've seen in the past several years, when the market was all about recovery from the downturn.
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Branding Basics

Smart Marketing: Makes All the Difference
A couple years ago a loan officer asked me a brilliant question that they should have asked themselves before they spent $30,000 on a failed marketing campaign.
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Go 'SoMoLo' With Your Marketing
Marki Lemons is a foodie. She loves trying new restaurants in her Chicago neighborhood. At every restaurant she tries, she takes a picture of her meal via Instagram and writes a review on Yelp.
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MLS's See Gains in Effort to Protect Data
Recent court cases are giving REALTORS® reason to be optimistic in their efforts to curb the unauthorized use of their MLS data.
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Financing Green Remodels: The Ins and Outs of Energy Efficient Mortgages
Energy efficient mortgages (EEMs, sometimes known as "green mortgages") are loans that allow home owners to finance energy-efficient upgrades for their current home or in a new home purchase.
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